A day designed to ignite inspiration, foster valuable connections, and celebrate creativity in design.

Explore Complètement Design, the second edition of a distinctive event in Montreal crafted by Index-Design  for architecture and design professionals. Immerse yourself in an extraordinary experience where harmony, interdisciplinary, collaboration, and innovation converge, creating a unique annual event.

Discover the exhibition areas and draw inspiration from the showcased creators, experts, curated products and brands. Attend extraordinary conferences presented by prominent figures in both the local and international design community.

A participatory scenography: exhibitors as well as visitors will fully engage in the experience by embracing a collective dress code: all black. Learn more.

Meet a diversity of inspiring local and international personalities, representative of the multidisciplinarity and the avant-garde who qualify the Completely Design event. The sessions will be led by Thomas Leblanc, Host and Columnist.

Space accessible to "Salon + conferences" ticket holders only.

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9:05 - 9:45


PhD art, Principal architect studio Jean Verville architects, Associate Professor, Laval University

Index-Design invites the renowned architect Jean Verville as curator of Completely Design, under the theme of SPECULATIVE VISIONS, stressing the importance of exploring the imaginary as a perpetual creative tool. Enjoying an impressive international presence and the recipient of numerous national and international awards, J. Verville has been developing for 20 years a model of practice integrating the gamification of collaborative processes integrating experiences with an artistic dimension.

9:45 - 10:15


Designer and artist

Kwangho Lee, artist and designer, draws inspiration from his grandfather's crafts. His metallic work, developed at Hongik University, transforms everyday objects into complex spatial structures. Using repetitive weaving, it promotes the traditional craft and encourages the reuse of industrial materials. Recognized internationally, Lee was named designer of the future and artist of the year in 2011. His creations, present in renowned museums, defy standards and are established worldwide.

10:45 - 11:30


Architect FAS, partner of BUREAU and visiting professor at the Laval School of Architecture

Daniel Zamarbide is a partner at BUREAU (with Carine Pimenta and Galliane Zamarbide). BUREAU hides under its generic name a variety of research activities. BUREAU acts as a desire to react and participate in the physical, cultural and social environment that surrounds it with a critical perspective and an immersive attitude. BUREAU writes, designs, stages, builds little, transforms and contributes to architectural and creative pedagogies. Their work is widely published and presented around the world.

11:30 - 12:15

KARIM RASHID (United States)

Designer and president of Karim Rashid Inc.

Karim Rashid, a visionary of contemporary design, has created over 4,000 works that exceed conventional styles. With 400 awards and a global customer base, including Umbra, Alessi, 3M, Issey Miyake, Veuve Clicquot. His accolades, including the American Prize for Design Lifetime Achievement Award, the Red Dot Award, the Chicago Athenaeum Good Design Award, and the Pentaward, recognize his exceptional contribution and impact in the world of design.

12:30 - 13:30


Guillaume Éthier (Canada)

Author and professor of urban theory at ESG at UQAM, Guillaume Éthier is involved in placemaking in Montreal and co-hosts the podcast on the city”Built frame“since 2021, including A recording will be done live, inviting the public of Completely Design to participate.

Podcast guest: Giovanna Borasi (Canada)

Giovanna Borasi is a recognized architect and curator. She joined the Canadian Center for Architecture in 2005 and is currently its director and chief curator. Her work explores innovative architectural approaches that challenge established norms. She has directed major projects, including exhibitions and publications, and has also directed a series of documentaries on contemporary architecture. In addition to her responsibilities at the CCA, she actively contributes to international publications, leads workshops and participates in symposia.

14:00 - 14:45


The panel discussion will focus on design objects that have transcended their functionality to become cultural icons. Each of the 4 panelists will bring their perspective on objects that have marked our modern society.

Mary-Dailey Desmarais (Canada)

Chief curator of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts since 2020, M.D. Desmarais leads a multidisciplinary team dedicated to enriching, promoting and maintaining a collection composed of more than 45,000 works and objects dating from Antiquity to the present day. Arriving at the MBAM in 2014, she has, among other things, curated numerous exhibitions. Her texts on topics ranging from impressionism to modern and contemporary international art have been published in numerous scientific journals, exhibition catalogs, and art magazines. Originally from New York, she holds a doctorate in art history from Yale University, a master's degree from Yale University, a master's degree from Williams College, and a bachelor's degree from Stanford University.

Iris Amizlev (Canada)

Curator — Community Projects and Involvement at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts since 2020, I. Amizlev holds a master's degree in art history and a doctorate in art history and anthropology from the University of Montreal. A specialist in contemporary art, pop art and land art, she has curated numerous exhibitions, including Pop la vie!

Marie-Eve Warren (Canada)

Co-founder by Warren Garrett, a firm based in Los Angeles and Montreal since 2003, M.E. Warren has been dedicated to the design and architecture of high-end homes around the world for over 20 years and has been creating custom residential projects integrating art, furniture, furniture, top-notch crafts and design objects from the past.

Alex Lesage (Canada)

Well known for his image work in the architecture and design world and an enlightened fan of design, Alex Lesage is a self-taught photographer, creative director and artistic director, who has been involved in a number of local and international creative projects. In 2015, he co-founded Anniversary, an online magazine featuring stories and creative works by established and emerging talent, as well as Threefold, a visual communication agency.

14:45 - 15:30


Architect, founder of ACP and Associate Professor at the University of Toronto

Aziza Chaouni, a renowned Moroccan architect, is combining success and international recognition for her award-winning architectural projects. She holds a master's degree from the Harvard Graduate School of Design, is an associate professor at the University of Toronto and heads the firm Aziza Chaouni Projects, which focuses on ecological design and the rehabilitation of modern architectures in West Africa.

16:00 - 16:45


Architect and president of Atelier Pierre Thibault

Pierre Thibault, an experienced architect, fuses humans with the land in striking works such as the Longueuil Public Market. His recent research focuses on the valorization of Quebec cities through quality spaces. In 2017, he co-founded Lab-École, aiming to reinvent public schools to promote educational development and success.

Visit the exhibition spaces designed by Jean Verville, curator of Completely Design 2024, in collaboration with Index-Design, and take advantage of the program of meetings with guests that punctuate different times of the day. Animation by Marc-André Carignan, Host and Speaker, Content Manager for Kollective.

Space accessible to all ticket holders

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13:15 - 13:45

Sustainable light: Innovation, design and eco-responsibility with Vincent Gervais Director of the photometry department and lighting consultant, Hitech

This presentation will explore environmental materials for lighting, merging technological innovation, design, and architecture. The latest advances in lighting incorporate sustainable solutions, reducing the carbon footprint while offering creative possibilities. These technologies light up the future, combining aesthetics, functionality and environmental responsibility in the field of luminous architectural design.

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Espace saveurs, présenté par Fisher & Paykel

Accessible toute la journée, une offre alimentaire par le traiteur Rhubarbe avec collations, boites type repas, cafés et boissons. Boissons alcoolisées à partir de 11h30. (Les détenteurs de billets Salon + Conférence ont une boisson incluse.

13h00 - 14h00


Designer et président de Karim Rashid Inc.

Rencontrez Karim Rashid et échangez avec lui au coeur de la salle d'exposition.

13h30 - 14h

Performance en direct par Jesse Mac Cormack 

L’ambiance sonore de Complètement Design 2024 sera signée par l’artiste montréalais qui produira également une performance de 13h30 à 14h00 dans la Salle d’exposition.

16h30 - 19h00

5 à 7 de réseautage

Clôture de Complètement Design 2024 avec l’industrie A&D dans la Salle d’exposition, en musique! Consommations payantes. (Les détenteurs de billets “Salon + Conférence” ont une boisson incluse)

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Curation musicale par Jesse Mac Cormack

L’ambiance sonore de Complètement Design 2024 sera signée par l’artiste montréalais qui produira également une performance de 13h30 à 14h00 dans la Salle d’exposition.

Groupe API is a Montreal distributor of corporate office furniture, architectural walls and acoustic solutions combining design and functionality.

Discover Airborne and its uniquely designed collections, entirely crafted in France. Explore the iconic AA chair, featured at MOMA since 1944, along with the Miss Trèfle table and L'Assise collection. Enjoy a 10% discount on all on-site orders.

American Biltrite is a family business established in Sherbrooke since 1913. We are recognized in the commercial flooring industry for our quality products designed and manufactured in Quebec. ABPURE® Infinity Carbon-Neutral is our first collection made from 100% organic renewable natural gas, helping to reduce greenhouse gases at the source.

Furniture designer Will Choui and Bolitomino propose Expérience No 01. A collection created for Complètement Design. Guided by careful theatricality and an avant-garde vision, the studio brings textures and optical effects to the designer's platonic, lush universe.

CAB Déco offers high quality furniture, made in Europe, combining the richness of tradition with the latest innovations. Visit the CAB Déco booth for a chance to win a Giravolta Pedrali lamp!

Luxury steam system for a spa experience at home. Blue marine quartz sink; the feeling of real natural stone at an affordable cost. (Elkay) Stylish bottle filler for your commercial or residential projects. (LivPro-Elkay) Elegant commercial sink with anti-stain and anti-vandalism features (AquaDesign).

Centura presents three collections of European porcelain and ceramic tiles with innovative and contemporary designs. These tiles feature organic shapes and textures that capture plays of light and shadow, encouraging creativity and transforming surfaces into bold works of art.

Not your average phone booth. Haworth + Cime present HushOffice, a full range of acoustic pods. Sophisticated design, elevated acoustic performance, state-of-the-art technology, and a remarkable level of comfort. Ideal for a wide range of activity, from focus work to creative meetings without interruption. Stop by to notice the difference.

Cosentino, a global family business, combines innovation and durability. With Silestone®, Dekton® and Sensa®, it offers revolutionary surfaces. Committed to the environment, it uses recycled materials and reduces its carbon footprint. Choose Cosentino for innovation, quality and a sustainable future.

Cyrc fabrique des objets design qui facilient la vie des consommateurs qui vivent selon leurs principes. La recherche d'un mobilier éthique, respectueux du climat et sans déchets est leur moteur.

Explore three new collections at Céragrès: AIR, a customizable plumbing fixtures with timeless style; Rustikotta de Tempio, a facade that blends tradition and modernity for limitless creativity; and Topcer, a range of porcelain tiles offering a variety of unique sizes, shapes, textures, and finishes, combining durability and refinement to elevate any space.

Come visit the DE GASPÉ booth and discover their latest product launch, the Milton workstation, a fully customizable office system, take advantage of their very special 10th anniversary offer and enter their contest to win a tote bag illustrated by Cécile Gariépy.

TANGRAM TRACE Winner of Red Dot “Best of the Best”. Pure, modern, sophistication that confidently defines a space. TANGRAM FAMILY SUSPENSION Nylon straps house an imperceptible flat power cable for seamless and discreet suspension.  TANGRAM CUT Luxurious, jewel-like pendant of solid glass, with concave bottom diffusing powerful illumination.

Fisher & Paykel is built on a pioneering spirit and a culture of curiosity that challenges the design of conventional household appliances. Visit the Rhubarbe counter at the Espace Saveurs, and leave with an Anzac Biscuit, the traditional New Zealand biscuit*. Take part in our contest for a chance to win a gift basket, including several products from local brands. *While supplies last.

Found propose du mobilier qui colle bien à la vie de tous les jours avec un design audacieux, décontracté et sans prétention. Des meubles qui mettent en valeur le caractère de votre environnement, s’adaptant facilement à votre humeur et à votre style de vie.

Architectural wooden doors and windows. Handmade in Quebec. Bosquet's expertise is based on know-how acquired and perfected over more than 70 years.

Sustainable Lighting: Innovation, Design, and Eco-Responsibility. Merging innovation and environmental respect, 3D-printed luminaires, new materials like Polilux, and ceramic fixtures offer unparalleled flexibility in design, enabling unique shapes and structures for optimized luminous efficiency.

HydroTuiles brings the innovation of hydraulic tile manufacturing to Canada. From their workshop in the Montreal area, they serve architects and designers to bring to life creative flooring and wall covering ideas for residential, commercial, and hospitality projects.

Interface is a global leader in modular flooring, offering an integrated collection of carpet tiles and soft flooring including luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) as well as nora® rubber flooring.

For Complètement Design, we have decided to put forward sculptural work. We will be exposing two chairs and a mirror that were made using machinery but mostly shaped with traditional hand tools, our goal is to find perfection through imperfection.

Through organic textures and surfaces, in chocolate and cream tones, discover our perfect blend of modernity and tradition in ceramics, natural stone, and porcelain slabs. Live the passion and expertise that set us apart as industry leaders at Italbec. Explore a unique design experience with us.

Artist-designer Jeremy Le Chatelier unveils his new Hublot Chair in three iterations: aluminum, wood and concrete, drawing their essence from modernist architecture. This creation embodies an audacious marriage where form transcends function and questions the limits and qualities of these different materials.

Kohler invites you to discover its new faucet collection, in collaboration with Studio McGee. You'll also have the opportunity to discover NUMI 2.0, the most advanced toilet on the market.

Come and discover the new Montreal ash furniture collection and the benefits offered to industry professionals.

Learn about our custom furniture manufacturing services, from design to delivery.

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Come and discover AND's Iris, a Canadian product launched in Milan in 2022, a singular luminaire with a fireball and kaleidoscopic effect due to its elliptical acrylic shell. This dim-to-warm luminaire allows you to change moods and create an evolving atmosphere.

Luxtec introduces manufacturers with an innovative and sustainable approach. Vode redefines minimalist architectural lighting, pushing the boundaries of design. Lambert & Fils, a Montreal-based studio, explores various forms of light. Delta Light combines technical expertise and artistic sensitivity, delivering impactful functional integrations.

Mobico, experts in commercial development since 1970, offers customized solutions from design to installation. We turn your vision into reality!

EMERGENT New worlds are emerging that show a path forward for people, place, and planet. Through design, we transform imagination into action and emerge towards a future that is more secure, healthy and just for all. Come discover the latest innovations EcoFlex ONE and Color Pulse through our collections. Mohawk Group | Believe in the better

NumérArt x Filostrato unveil a wallpaper collection, an exclusive collaboration merging cutting-edge decorative printing with visionary artistic direction. Explore prints on select materials, where art meets innovation and functionality, redefining space elegance.

Mirage Floors announces its new Muse Collection, an ode to amazing women throughout history who are remarkable for their outstanding achievements. The Muse Collection boasts 8 neutral colours in White Oak Brushed: Ada, Amelia, Eleanor, Grace, Hattie, Ingrid, Maud, and Rachel.

Come and discover the new micro-grooved collection from Print International, a new collection signed Obersound by Oberflex

With a wealth of experience in the field of flooring, Prosol offers a multitude of solutions for installers and retailers. Whether for residential or commercial use, we certainly have the best solution at the best price.

Three flagship series, expressed in three-dimensional form, reflect our identity and demonstrate our ongoing desire to balance hues, textures and style. Färgblock, both vibrant and harmonious, Crush with its elegant rough concrete texture, and Glacé, slightly imperfect with an authentically handcrafted appearance.

The coffee table STEP highlights our philosophy of designing in line with environmental challenges and valuing local craftsmanship. The collection utilizes aluminum for its durability and aesthetics, reintroducing the "bumping" fabrication process as a forgotten method.

ShawContract Canada: Where innovation meets elegance in flooring solutions. Learn about our commitment to exceptional design, sustainability, and sustainable development. Elevate your spaces with flooring that defines excellence.

Come and see Skyfold! Skyfold's all-electric movable partitions divide or expand spaces, and stow away in the ceiling to maximize floor space. When in place, the Skyfold wall is both an acoustic barrier with the highest STC ratings in the industry and a customizable design element.

At Tarkett, we strive to offer you the best and widest range of flooring and wall solutions, for all segments and areas, from Healthcare and Educational facilities to Retail, Hospitality, Senior Living and Workplace.

Teknion designs furniture that makes life easier for users. The company is dedicated to offering innovative and sustainable design through a diverse range of office furniture, chairs, ergonomic accessories and architectural products.

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